Wednesday, February 18, 2015

IOI mall, Putrajaya

Cut the long story short! My sister , nephew and i went to ioi mall. This is my first time coming here. Quite big, a lotttttt of restaurant.  Haha. Actually we wanted to skate, but unfortunately there were too many peeps today since its a public holiday. They were running out of skates! Hah, didnt see that coming. So we ended up to go for bowling instead. Cheap i would say for a student price ; Rm 4 per game. Just bring your student/siswa card along. It has been awhile since i bowled anddd im quite terrible at it. Hahaha. Who cares, im having fun , that what matters for kids tho they dont have bumpers and the lightest ball is 8! Kesian anak buah aku angkut bola boling guna 2 tangan. Maybe the management can do something about that? :)

Wangsa Bowl

Lunch was at Nathan's Famous. Kedai ala ala Carls Jr. Not bad, quite pricey tho(but im not paying so... hehe) if you skated or went for District 21, just show them your hand strap and you will get a 20% discount! Too bad we didnt go for any neither two so no discount for us. Sobss. It is situated right acrros the skatinf ring, so sambil makan tu boleh la hadap orang jatuh tergolek terlentang dekat skating ring tu. Free show gicchuew. Haha


Overall, im soo gonna come again for food haunting next time and District 21 and icescape! Hehe

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Imbau Kenangan Formspring.

Formspring remembered me of my old life. Haters everywhere. I was quite wild back than. Haha alhamdulillah for the pathway that ive choosen now. It made me what i am now and im very much great full for it.

Alhamdulillah for everything.

Its 2 am and i can't sleep. Case presentation need to be done, case write up need to be typed. Sooo much to do in one week duration of time. Start esok je lah kot? Haha. Like always.