Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Olla people im back!

Assalamualaikum.Yes , im back . After quite a looong time . Deleting my old blog was kinda a stupid thing to do which i regretted but oh well , at least its a turning point for me to start up fresh and leave all those stories behind .  A LOT has happened for the last few months . Living a life of a first year (soon entering 2nd year) medical student is NOT EASY! hell no , no easy measy , it was HARD. haha , okay yeah i may have exaggerated a bit there but it was one tough ride . I had my ups and downs, well mostly downs but i made it thru the year (i think) . Currently waiting for my 2nd semester's result to be out. Hoping to pass , praying hard to past . Amin

So yeah , currently im on my holiday break and all that i could think of is to rest at home , cuddle in bed , and watch the whole season of greys anatomy (which i already did , Lol ) . Thats my type of holiday at home after all the stress that i've put my self through .

To tell ya the truth , this is not really the life that i expected . I am not this type of girl which i am NOW. Being a med student at UiTM changed me. Allah knows best , he planned everything and maybe i  will survived the next coming 4 years and become one hell of a surgeon . Pretty surgeon .Lol stratch that. Angan-angan nak jadi doctor memang ada , now how to make that angan -angan come true is the real question . Am i up for this? I hope i am.

Note  to self ;

"Babe , you're a medical student , you dont have time to think about your past , try to let go of things and focus more on whats in front of you . You have only one important goal for now that is to survive your pre-clinal year. Do that first , and keep praying because Allah listens to everything , Allah knows everything and Allah will try and help you to sort everything out. Just do your part and you'll be okay "