Friday, September 2, 2016

Final year like seriously?! 😩

Assalamualaikum to whoever thats reading. Ahahh yeap im on my semester break ( thats why im updating muh blog, lol ) and believe it or not iols dah masuk final year. Like wutttttt? Time sure flies and i still couldn't believe that im just a few steps away of becoming your fav doctor! ( ecehhhhwaah ) 

And Alhamdulillah, passed year 4 with quite satisfying results. I would say one of the best result ive got eversince enrolling in this course. Nailed it on Orthopedic posting, and i couldnt be happier. I've always loveeeee ortho since day 1 of that posting! 💋🎈I might become an orthopedic surgeon oneday, inshaAllah.

Macam tak percaya je dah final year. Rasa mcm baru smlm masuk lecturehall, tidur dlm lecture hall and bergelak tawa dngn kwn2. Takut. Because its going to be tough but im not gonna give up now because im almost there. 

Berkat doa ibu ayah, cikgu, lecturer dan kawan2 im still here, struggling but surviving my degree life. May Allah ease my journey. InshaAllah. Fighting!!

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