Monday, March 10, 2014

Here comes the semester break ,again!

Assalamualaikum ,

Previous post was all about myself trying to adapt being a medical student , and ta-da! i passed my 2nd semester exam currently waiting for my semester 3's result to be out . and yes , im on my semester break. kahkahkah , whats weird is that i only update my blog when im on my semester break. hahaha nampak tak busy di situ? Lol , bajet sungguh ayat .

To be honest life is getting better , idok ler busy mana pon its just that to update a blog after a tiring day of class (from 8 to 5pm) is just ... tiring. And i spend most of my weekend at home or out with some friends.

Just to point out few "fun" moments in my life ; my semester 3 final exam on osce was like...blurgh . i totally blew it on the diagnosis . but the rest of the OSPE station were ..good. PBQ and SAQ papers were okay except on BIOCHEM and PHPM. WHY ON EARTH DO I NEED TO LEARN PHPM OMG T.T . Life is unfair! haha whats done is done , harapnya lecturer yang tanda kertas PHPM tu bagi lah markah kesian dekat aku yang menggoreng soalan tu dengan merapunya. Bukan goreng cukup rasa , memag aku tabur semua atas kertas tu . Biar lah lecturer yang pilih apa dia nak. LOLZ, Adik adik , jangan ikut perangai akak ye, XD

Apart from that, i went on a trip to Pulau perhentian . Which was AWESOME! The island is soo beautiful with the clear blue water and the big turtle and the colourful fishes! i tried to kejar the turtle but stupid snorkeling mask got drained by the water and i lost the BIG turtle. it was BIG! SO SOO BIG! Geram tak dapat kejar dia! haha
 I never got a chance to see the sharks but my sis did. Lucky her, the shark was smimming direcly towards her until she freaked out , and the shark left :/  for those who want to see the shark , be mentally prepared as thats how they will come to you , directly infront of you , macam dalam cerita shark kat national geographic tu? ha cam tu lah kata abang pembawa boat tu. Hahaha . Will totally make plans to visit here again one day , to see penyu bertelur pulak insyaAllah :D

Im too lazy to uploud the pics , tengok dekat instag je lah ye? Haha ,

Last but not least , keep praying for MH370. Deep down inside im hoping that they are all safe and alright since no evidence of wreckage have been found until today . Keep praying , inshaAllah , Allah will show us the way, will show the SAR team the way. MH370 please come back home safely , we're waiting for you. #prayforMH370