Saturday, June 25, 2016


I have so many things to say, but ended up keeping it all inside because i dont really know who'll bother or truly care. 

Tak apa.. Allah kan ada? Mengadu dekat Dia, and He'll always be there, listening and responding to you in ways that you can never imagine. Bersabarlah wahai hati, biar sakit macam mana pun semuanya ada hikmah. 


I wonder

You know everything happened for a reason. Whether its good or bad, surely there'll be a reason for it. But sometimes i cant help but to wonder why. Why do i have to face such painful journey? why cant i be happy like everybody else? Why is it so hard to let go? Why? 

I guess its Allah's way of telling me to be patient. Despite everything that happened, you'll find your  happiness one day. Though it might take months or years, you'll be happy too one fine day. Keep praying, because Allah always listens.

RIP all those memories,
Create new ones.