Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rosak cuti is rosak.

I've been trying to tell myself to start reading up materials for my clinical year, but my whole body totally went on the opposite direction. I did try to read on the common diseases e.g heart disease and i couldn't even finish reading one page of it. Cuti totally went wrong. I used to enjoy reading those things, i dont mind staying up reading papa (Robbins pathology) the whole night to understand about those diseases but now im just too lazy.

I know this is wrong , very wrong. And who is at fault? Me of course, or...maybe its my room, its too comfy. Haha.

Fix it, you better change that attitude! At least a few pages per day is okay , just to refresh all the knowledge that you left burried somewhere in your hippocampus. Fighting!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Year 2 officially ended.

Selamat Pulang ke kampus tercinta.

Assalamualaikum , alhamdulillah selesai dah project elective. Poster presentation ended well walaupun group ai tak menang. Heh, its not like im hoping to win ke apa, but we did tried our best during the presentation, and those groups who won deserved it. So yeah , no regrets.

Group 37 ; Ali Husaini, Ikaa Haris, Nadhirah Fatnin , Alia, Huzainy
Nampak sana tuu pamplets and button badge yang kitaorang buat sendiri. :D
Nak dijadikan cerita, bersyukur sangat-sangat-sangat sebab dapat judges yang baik lagi comel lotey ; Dr. Fatmawati and Dr. Jasmine Khan. Walaupun Dr. Fatma macam tak puas hati sikit dengan questionnaire kitaorang , Dr.Jasmine on the other hand was all kind and funny. Anyway, good job and congrats batch mates! we officially completed your pre-clinical years.

Dr Fatma and Dr Jamine listening to presentation by idk what group was that.

I went back to Sungai Buloh on Wed, presentation day was on Thurs. So nampak la kat sini memang aku nak kena tido dekat kampus kan? Meh cerita sikit pengalaman tido dekat Residential Collage 1 aka RC1. Nak dipendekkan cerita , sebelum ni i was a happy kid living at RC2, tapi disebabkan masalah-masalah dalaman (kot?) the girls kena pindah RC1. Hari rabu tu lah malam pertama aku dengan RC1. Tidurku sesungguhnya tidak lena. Tak tahu lah apa yang buat tak lena ,tapi memang tak boleh nak lena. Toiletnya pun lahai. That house that im living in now was originally rumah budak lelaki. hmmmm. So can you imagine? T.T Apa boleh buat, try to adjust with the new environment je lah , iye dok? But im sure imma gonna be the type yang akan balik rumah everyweek masuk year 3 ni. heh.

RC1; Morning view from my room,

Sepanjang satu malam ai dekat RC1 tu , seronok la jugak sebab dapat jumpa balik dengan housemates semua. Siapa tak rindu kan dah lama jugak cuti nye pun. Duduk atas katil ramai-ramai, berbual kosong, bergelak tawa. I dont know how to describe how it felt, but it was nice. Looking forward to meet them again when new semester starts which will be on the 8th of September.I might need to come back to RC a week earlier tho. zzzzz. One more thing that i've been eagerly waiting for ; grouping untuk posting. Takut + nervous + excited. Moga satu rumah dapat first posting yang sama. Haha barulah sweet. AMIN!

Academic calender 2014/2015 MBBS 220 . Click for a better view. :D

Friday, August 15, 2014

Perangai manusia

Assalamualaikum. Akhirnya , terasa lega sikit satu kerja dah beres ; elective report. Hectic day it was. But i learn quite a lot of things from doing this elective project. One thing that i will always remember, to never take advantage of others. Walaupun dalam case ni aku yang di-disadvantage-kan , aku belajar untuk bersabar dengan perangai manusia. To those who know me well, remembering back my old self i was not that kind of person that will take things easy. I say what i want to say , i curse whenever i feel like i want to, i tweet what i feel, unaware of others who are reading or watching. Well mostly doing things without even thinking about the consequences. Ohh yes back than i was quite "wild" you can say that. Or much of an attention seeker. But alhamdulillah , ever since i enrolled in this medical field, i learned so much ; to be patient is mostly it. Its not like im saying im a "good girl" all of a sudden but you can say that im still maturing , to become someone better in the future. I may say things rudely and i can be very blunt at times, because afterall im just trying to act human. Human have feelings too you know?

Oh well , now that the report is done , poster presentation is the only thing that is left. Hope my sister's friend do a god job on designing the poster. Amin.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Assalamualaikum. Dah lama tak update blog padahal tngh cuti. Nampak tk busy dia kat situ? Busy tido mungkin. Lol. 😌

Basically lately im busy doing the report and stuffs for my elective project. Banyak benda yang nak kena settle. Banyak jugak ragam orang yang aku jumpa. Orang yang rasa diri dia sentiasa betul 24/7 lah is the main highlight here. Kalau ikutkan darah muda aku ni dah lama aku sound direct je, tapi memandangkan diri dah meningkat usia 21 tahun, ive learn to let it go and let it be. Mungkin orang tu ada anger management problem, biarkan dia. Berdiam diri lagi elok kan afterall? 

Oh and yes! I have not yet updated you guys on my new baby nephew. Selamat dilahirkan pada tanggal 2 Syawal haritu. Alhamdulillah, a healthy baby boy named Muhammad Rizqin πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά 

I wonder how youll look like when you grow up. 😊 stay healthy . Me loves you!

P/s updating this using my iphone. Ignore the typos if there is any.